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Organic Cotton Big Flopsy spare cover

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The Red Castle Organic cotton collection is made of cotton derived from organic farming. 

Organic cotton is cultivated without the use of pesticides or other chemical products and has not been subjected to any chlorine or chemical treatment during its transformation. 

Organic cotton presents advantages for the planet, for those who grow it and for those who wear it. 

Organic cotton presents advantages for the planet: 
  • Protecting the environment, the process of farming it renders the land fertile and restores the balance in the ecosystem 
  • It is produced within the framework of sustainable development

Organic cotton presents advantages for those who grow it: 
  • It is not harmful to the farmers’ health as chemicals are not used (less respiratory problems and less allergic reactions)
  • Excessive debt is reduced resulting from the purchase of chemical pesticides 

Organic cotton presents advantages for those who wear it: 
  • High quality organic cotton fibre is more flexible, softer and more comfortable against baby’s fragile, sensitive skin 
  • Anti-allergenic, organic cotton is produced without chemicals thus reducing the risk of allergies.
Subject to very precise specifications, the cultivation of organic cotton is regularly controlled by specialist organisations Red Castle Organic cotton is certified GOTS Red Castle No.: 807895, CU.
An innovative method is used to treat our organic cotton. It is prepared at a lower temperature using less water and reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses thus preserving the environment as much as possible.
The use of enzymes in the preparation also accentuates the absorbency and the softness of the organic cotton.
Big Flopsy spare cover

The Big Flopsy™ cushion is no longer available. However, if you already own a Big Flopsy and need a replacement cover, spare covers remain available in organic cotton.

Care: the removable cover is machine washable.

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